Sorry, but I quit.


It’s been so hard to keep up with this blog thing. I’m not going to shut it down, I want to keep it around to be nostalgic and ride down memory lane. But as far as posting I’m probably not going to.

I started this blog because I was into bdsm and I have absolutely not interest in that anymore. So every time I post I know I lose more and more readers because I’m not posting about my ass getting spanked by a paddle. And that will not be happing again. My life has been great in all other aspects other than a relationship. That’s kinda sucking. But my job has taken a great new turn and my girls are showing their smarts more and more every day.

I might get another blog soon. Idk.

But you guys, my readers, have been great. Thanks for putting up with all my bitching!

I miss you already!

Everybody’s Happy Happy Happy


Cherry’s Most Wanted


ok, so ya’ll know that guy from the post before? He doesn’t exist!! He quit sending me any texts one day and with all the now around this state i thought “fine, i’ll give him a couple days, being a firemen and all” well, 3 days and not a word from him. so i called Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, IN, where he supposedly worked.  They never heard of him. So i called the Indianapolis Fire Department. They had never heard of this guy either.

Well. And he had never texted or called me back.

This has been a week ago.

So i’m asking you, my readers, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN???

IMG_20131218_015300_722 20131226_170217 CAM02034

He told me his name was Ian Streeter, But Riley Children’s Hospital nor  the Indianapolis Fire Department, which is where he told me he worked, have ever herd of him.

And I wish i could look up who it is by phone number, i have 2 of them. If you guys wanna try to find him by phone number give it a shot. Leave a comment or shoot me a e-mail @

the 2 phone number i have are:

the last one i’ve know to work

317 503 9157

and the one he said didn’t work anymore

317 503 9353

yes i know they’re both indy numbers but i want to know a name and a address. again, please help a Cherry out.

Longest. Post. Ever.


Ok. Back story first.

When Rat was 3 weeks old she got rsv and phenomena. She spent to days at a hospital that was giving her meds that were killing her. She went into cardiac arrest and the doctors sent for a life line helicopter to Riley Children’s Hospital. Within the 1st half hurt she was there she was better and pink. Instead of the completely blue and lifeless she was at dumbass hospital. She spent about 48 hours in the PICU. After that she was in a normal recovery room for a while. We spent 8 days in total at Riley. This was over 2 years ago.

She is 98% healthy now. A underdeveloped wind pipe and a underdeveloped ear cannal which made her get about one ear infection a month. Tubes in her ears fixed that.

I have had to go to Riley 3 times for my other daughter, Brat. Once to fix an umbilical hernia, once to get a penny out of her throat, and once for glasses.

I am no stranger to that hospital.

I have met many many people that work there.

Fast forward to about 3 or 4 days ago.

I got a message on Okcupid. At first the message was about to get deleted when he(or I) said something about someone looking familiar. He said he works at Riley. I told him my almost 3yo spent 8 days there. And that she was life lined there. He asked if she was rsv/phenomena.

Um, yeah

He started telling me all the parts I had missed when she first got there.

I had to drive there. It was an hour drive for me and a 15minute flight for her.

He told me about when she got off the helicopter and how pissed the lifeline medics were at the doctors and one particular nurse at dumbass hospital.

He called me and we spent hours on the phone talking about those 8 days, the staff there, our personal lives and just stuff that came to mind.

I could not believe it. Neither could he. After 2 years we met again. In better circumstances. And let me tell you. There are no normal, plain or ugly people that work at Riley.

I told him I thought he was attractive back then, but I just didn’t have any feelings left anywhere other than fear.

But we’ve been talking for a few.

Last night we went out for lunch and talked. And then he came over after the girls went to bed.

And we have kinda fallen for each other.

We both voiced our concerns about Nightingale syndrome.

Couldn’t be it.

Honestly I couldn’t stand him the second day.

He seemed so fucking full of himself, he didn’t really seem like learning anything about me was important so I just went with it. I was talking to someone else. We could just be good friends if anything.

He has a hugely extensive resume.

After he told me his jobs and skills he shut up about himself. Started asking me questions and we started talking about friends and he started to grow on me.

And he really is a teddy bear.

And when his add lets him, he can be romantic to a fault. Lol.

Now fast forward to today.

I am tiered as hell.

Spent last night talking and making out with…… oh, I haven’t given him a name…….. um. Riley. Yeah. That works.

And I was playing Santa. Putting everything in stockings and under the tree.

The girls had a blast this morning. I couldn’t get much but I could get most of what they wanted. They loved everything.

After the girls trashed the living room and got settled down we went to my mom’s house.

I had gotten Rini some nerf guns. And mom had gotten dad one. After everyone opened presents over there a nerf gun fight between Brat, me and dad broke out. Me and Brat won. Lol.

We had dinner over there. I had a nap.

Then we went over to grandmothers house. I really don’t think we’ll make a huge point to go there next year. She is getting so mean and hateful.

But I’m about to pass out. So I will leave you all with a hairy Christmas and a happy happy happy new year

Everybody’s Happy Happy Happy

Oh what to blog, what to blog.


First off DD news. I read this earlier.

Which said
It has now been revealed that Phil Robertson will be returning to Duck Dynasty on January 15. A&E said they have no plans to fire the star.It appears as though the war on Phil Robertson and his freedoms of free speech and religions aren’t quite so savage.  Although A&E declared they were suspending the star “indefinitely, ” it was apparently only a façade for the gay community as sources say they still intend to air episodes featuring Robertson .”


But this was an update posted not too long after the article was posted.

“UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion circling around this story. The title ends with a question mark and there is NO CONFIRMATION that Phil is back. There are pre-recorded episodes of the next season, and A&E has no intention of pulling them. Again, there is NO CONFIRMATION that Phil is back. All that is here is a source close to the situation saying A&E would never walk away from the show”

So i’m guessing that A&E is getting scared that so many people are back lashing because of all the fans in uproar about the stupid move they did.

Cracker Barrel did. After pulling Phil, Miss Kay, and pretty much all Duck Dynasty products.

At least they sent a nice letter stating clearly they fucked up.

Dear Cracker Barrel Customer:

When we made the decision to remove and evaluate certain Duck Dynasty items, we offended many of our loyal customers. Our intent was to avoid offending, but that’s just what we’ve done.

You told us we made a mistake. And, you weren’t shy about it. You wrote, you called and you took to social media to express your thoughts and feelings. You flat out told us we were wrong.

We listened.

Today, we are putting all our Duck Dynasty products back in our stores.

And, we apologize for offending you.

We respect all individuals right to express their beliefs. We certainly did not mean to have anyone think different.

We sincerely hope you will continue to be part of our Cracker Barrel family.”

Clear, they messed up. They said sorry.

Why can’t A&E say the same. If i was the Robertson family i’d tell A&E to shove it and not able them to air any episodes at all.

But that’s just me. Because i’m the bitch.

And i know it isn’t that easy. Contracts and all.

And please go and sign the petition at

If any of you read the article i’d love to hear your thoughts on it. So leave me a comment below.

Bring Back Phil Robertson!!!



So you all know that Phil has been suspended from Duck Dynasty indefinitely. This is bullshit!!! You all know my views on christians and god and a gay man is my best friend, but I love Phil. No man shows so much love to his wife, sons, daughter in-laws and grandkids. He was a drunk who kicked them all out once, but he found his way of sobering up and now is the most loyal man ever.

He gave his own views on gay people, he’s wrong, but I still love him.

Bring back Phil!!!

There is a internet petition to get him back. Please go and sign it.

Please go and sign it.

Everybody’s Happy Happy Happy

Guess I got my answer.


You didn’t even last twelve hours. And all because I wanted flowers. You felt as if I wasn’t “the one” because I was hurt.

I took care of you. I made sure you didn’t go hungry. I made sure you were safe.

And you ended a good thing because I don’t follow your so called “god”.

Have fun with your christian bitch. Have fun with your crazy ass mother.

Thank you for taking the crazy cunt and her son of a bitch son out of my life.

Everybody’s Happy Happy Happy

Can you love me?


It seems like after something like this that you would be hanging on harder, stronger, not just loosely sticking around.

It could never work if we both don’t hold on.

I’m just not comfortable. I feel as if it’s just a little side note in your big book of everything important.

Not once did you call me. Not once did you text me. If we talked I called you. I texted you. Which makes, not made, MAKES, as in I still feel this way, that you really couldn’t give a shit. You’d be happier without me.

And who’s having to make all the emotional sacrifices?

Me. I have to be fine with whatever you say. And have no say in whatever you do.

The changes in this make me feel like you couldn’t give a shit.

I know I hurt you. And I am sorry. I would take it back if I could. But punishing me will not make it better.

Not willing to hear my fears and respect them and not willing to compromise will just make me regret this and make it all crash again.

I do not want that.

I want the guy I loved back.
I want the feeling of being needed.
I want this bad feeling to go away.
I want to feel heard
I want my feelings taken into strong account.
I want to be your Lola.

And with how the last week has went I really don’t know if I will get any of that again.

I’m sorry that I can’t be happy right now. And I’m sorry that its hard right now. But more work needs done now than was being done before. And taking away things that use to be there is not helping in making me believe anything.

I feel like a abuseie. And I am not saying you are abusive at all. But I am having to make excuses in my own mind of things you have done and do.

I do not want that kind of relationship. And I know you don’t either.

I feel like you expect me to think myself lucky to have you and you feel like you are doing me a favor.

We should feel lucky to have each other in the same amount.

I know you have probably disagreed with all of this.

But this is how I am feeling right now.

And it’s up to you to change it.

I called you. I missed you. And you knew it.

I still don’t know if you really missed me at all or not.

Words are powerful, words are just words. Actions are powerful, actions are just actions. But together they make the world as strong as it is. Its up to you to decide what actions and words you use together.

Everybody’s Happy Happy Happy